Friday, January 23, 2009

Late Update

Yes, I have been remiss in posting to the blog. Seems like we have been very busy after the holidays and have not found the time to blog. I did get the first two seasons of “The Sopranos” for Christmas and have been watching most of the 26 episodes. I enjoy that because I get to stay in my safe zone (the basement). As my therapist calls it, “my cave”.

The shrink doubled one of my drugs and that was not a good thing. After a couple of weeks at that dosage, I cut back to my old amount. The higher dosage was making me agitated and not really helping the depression. Now he wants me to increase it by fifty percent. That starts tonight so we will see how that works.

Another item that has been keeping me busy is I joined Facebook. I was hoping to find old classmates on it but most of the folks using Facebook are the younger generation. There were only about seven from my High School class on Facebook. Guess the older generation is not used to using computers. Some of them said their kids set them up on Facebook and they just use it to communicate with their kids. Come on you old coots, get with the computer age.

Not much more to update. Group therapy is still going well and we got another Iraqi vet in our group. That makes it now one WWII, one Korea, seven Vietnam, and two Iraqi vets in the group. The group has different percentages of disability from 40% to 100%.