Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Long Time, No Post

It has been almost a year since my last post to the blog. Guess I am falling down on the job but this really is difficult being a creative writer. Obviously, I’m not a creative writer and have to force myself to get at the machine.

I was having a lot of pain last year which I related to my broken hip but a CAT Scan at the VA showed that I had some discs in my back that were slipping. That is what caused the severe pain when I stopped at the stop sign and could not hold the motorcycle up. I thought it was the hip but I guess it was something worse. No surgery, I just have to take it more careful on what I lift and how I bend.

We had a great time on our trip to Colorado last year and saw some beautiful scenery. The Air Force Academy is a beautiful campus set on the side of a little mountain. We stayed in Mountain View (which is near Colorado Springs) for about a week. From there we could easily cover most of eastern Colorado. Heading north we went to Rocky Mountain National Park and south we went to the Garden of the Gods. Both are beautiful rock formations. We also took the train ride through the Royal Gorge. Very nice train ride. It truly was a great trip and Joanne even got to visit a Wizard of Oz museum and winery in Kansas. The names of the wines were named after characters from the Wizard of Oz. They probably will never get used.

Still attending group therapy on a regular basis but I also miss the great EMDR sessions at Henry Ford Behavioral Services. The VA is not into EMDR that much. I think it really works and would like to see it used more.

We have a new 5th wheel this year. As I get older, Joanne and I figured it was time to downsize a little. We went from 40 footer with three axles to 37 footer with just two axles. It is also a lot lighter but weight is not a problem for my truck. The new unit will be easier in the small campgrounds. Unless the weather takes a major turn, we will not be camping anytime soon. Rain and cold is all we are getting right now. You don’t realize how much junk accumulates in an RV after seven years. We unloaded the old unit and put the stuff in the garage. Then when we got the new RV in the driveway, we began moving things in from the garage but not before doing a major sort. Why would two people need fifty coffee cups and plastic glasses? As I said before, we downsized.

Remember how I was complaining about the VA never being able to keep shrinks on staff. Well the Benton Harbor VA has finally gotten one that is excellent and seems to want to stay at this center. His name is Dr. Zamor and he is from Haiti. He really cares and all in our group really respect how he deals with us. Mark that down. Something positive to say about the VA.

Guess that is kind of a compacted version of what has happened in the last year but this blogging is difficult. Don’t forget that Memorial Day is next month.