Sunday, November 18, 2007

Memorial to Friends KIA on 27 October 1967

Two weeks after I was injured and Med-Evaced to Da Nang, my unit walked into an NVA ambush. This memorial is to those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country. They were good friends and we shared stories, family thoughts and food from home. I guess I suffer from survivor guilt for not being there when they needed me. They were a great bunch of guys and they will always be in my memory. Semper Fi.

Lt. John Robert Dawson, H&S 1 /4 On Loan from and artillery company

William Ralph Hacket, Jr, Bravo 1 /4

Angus Layafette Hare, Bravo 1 /4

Michael Edward Angerstein, Bravo 1 /4

David Paul Betts, Bravo 1 /4

Robert Matthew Carlozzi, Bravo 1 /4

Jesse Nathaniel Clayton, Bravo 1 /4

Verne Dewitt Johnson III, Bravo 1 /4

Kenneth Clarence Stommes, "Doc" Bravo 1 /4

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