Saturday, June 28, 2008

Camping Soon, I Hope

Well…the hip is progressing and I took the truck out for a spin to see if I can work the brake and accelerator without much pain. Everything looks good for some camping soon. I did take the truck up to Flying J to fuel up and at $4.499/gallon; it was a lot of pain at the pump. Luckily, I only needed about 87 gallons so the bill was about $392.00. Last year I could put in 100 gallons for about $200.00. Still, RVing is the way to travel. I hope that we can get in a few short trips this year and will get some planned longer trips next year.

I would love to go to the Black Hills next year for a couple of weeks. In addition, the RV Dreams group will probably have another Rally next year and maybe we can catch that one.

PTSD wise, I am doing well and hope that continues. Joanne says I am still hibernating more than she would like me to do but it is difficult to get out among many people. The medication works well in stopping the nightmares but I still have weird dreams. I have no flashbacks to report since the ones in the hospital so that is a good thing. I am back to attending my group sessions and being with guys with many of the same problems. A couple of our group members only show up sporadically because they have trouble adjusting to life outside of the safe zone (home).

My sister seems to be adjusting well to her single life and that makes me happy. I was concerned about her down in Atlanta by herself but she is keeping very busy so that is excellent. I still would love to get her to move up to Michigan near us. We do talk on the phone very day so that helps both of us.

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